Visual Artist, Photographer, Videographer. London UK


Words from official designers website


For ss17 Jivomir Domoustchiev takes influence and inspiration for his collection from the costumes of different tribes of the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans. Having visited the city many times and calling it “his happy place” After many years of trying to find out more about this secretive society.. “ every time I would visited the city I would ask around and very few people could give me any real information about these tribes. “ I was an outsider… I fell in love with the idea of these individuals when I came across images and depictions in various parts of the city… The notion that they would spend all year making an outfit to wear but a few times around mardi gras and then destroy…mesmoriesed me..   the astonishing colors and detail and forever trying to outdo each other……Finally I managed to meet Sylvester Francis the curator of the Backstreet Cultural Museum.. He kindly showed me around his collection of different Indian suits… also showing patches of detail explaining how the outfits are made… I hope one day to spend more time helping create some of there suits…..

“With this collection I have taken a visual inspiration.. created in my own way with my own sensibility ... perhaps helping raise awareness to the beauty and cultural heritage   of these wonderfully creative people..”

A modern deeply personal interpretation.. each outfit is made up of a number of collectable pieces which when used together show the grandeur and dandiness of his inspiration… JIvomir’s sculptural signature still visible, heavy studding and bold transparent colors prevail… echoing horse bridle harnessing elements mixed with overtly sexy, center stage, flashiness..

Photography & Artwork: Aris Akritidis

Models: Leila Jay & Monica Cronin @ Profile Models London

Hair: Marco Iafrate

Makeup: William A.Casey using MAC